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Ежегодное инвестиционное послание главы МР "Ахтынский район"

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Annual investment Message of the head of the MR "Аkhtynsky district" for 2019

The formation of a favorable investment climate is one of the main conditions for the dynamic development of the municipal district.

The main indicators of the district's development and its viability are the creation of new jobs, the growth of industrial production, the decrease in the unemployment rate, and, of course, the growth of tax revenues.

In this regard, work is being done to increase the openness of the government, expand interaction with the population and business. This work can only be effective if all interested parties are actively involved.

First of all, it is information support using Internet resources. A separate section of investment activity has been created and operates in the district, which is posted on the official website of the municipal district "Аkhtynsky district". The online resource provides a visual representation of investment opportunities, the main directions for attracting investment in the economy and infrastructure of the district, contains detailed information about investment projects, and support measures that investors can count on.

Ensuring a stable budget, social stability and economic growth in difficult economic realities remains another major task of the municipal district. Solving these problems often requires reviewing existing approaches, identifying new "growth points", mechanisms and tools for achieving strategic goals. Attracting investment in the economy of the municipal district is one of the strategic objectives of the district administration.


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